Friday, March 21, 2008

The Soup Out My Window

All week I've been looking out my window (and smelling) what must be Beijing's ASS. And today, it's raining, so Beijing has a case of the runs.

The weather report calls it FOG, but it's wet SMOG.

It's been ugly since Monday. And so dirty. When we open the window, which we do a lot, as it's a SAUNA in our apartment, it takes about 3 minutes for dust to settle across everything. Did I mention the air stinks?

140 days until the Olympics. I don't guess that's enough time to get this place totally shined up. I feel like I'm living in a toxic waste dump. And so do my lungs.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Apparently, I CAN upload images. I just needed to allow for popups.

So here's the sign. Anyone?

I asked a gal last night who's been here 10 YEARS and she didn't know.

No starting your car on fire? No car bombs? What?

Still Alive

Hi, Hi, HI! No, I didn't die or anything.

We are in Beijing, and apparently I can't post pictures from here. I was going to make a blog entry about a strange street sign I keep seeing on the streets here, but I can't post the picture.


Anyhow, I'll try and get over here and keep you informed of the stranger side of life in China. I can't believe I can even get here from here.

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