Sunday, May 23, 2010

You can't always get what you want. . .

Memorial Day weekend looms. We've toyed with several plans. My visa is NOT good for the entire time we're scheduled to be here. It's an easily solvable problem in country, but we initially thought a quick weekend trip to Buenos Aires would be fun.

That plan turned into a long weekend at Iguazu Falls. But then? Reality.

Sigh. Pesky reality is that for 2.5 days at Iguazu for the two of us = $2000 US.

And even though we are made of money (NOT), that just seems a bit high to look at falling water. Even if it's the most impressive falling water on the continent. Or in the world.

Those silly Argentinians have now made it pretty darn expensive just to land in their country, too. $131/per person just to leave the airport. For a weekend? Hmmmm.

So, after two weekends in a row of cruising around Uruguay, we decided to spend more of our money here, and head to the Rocha coastline and spend the weekend.

Although Buenos Aires and Iguazu both sound like fun, I think I'll keep (most) of my $ in my pocket this time around.

But, on the plus side? The water falling in my shower is now pressurized. I could look at that all day.