Thursday, August 19, 2004

Bueno Cosas about LaPaz

1.  You can get a shoeshine every three feet for the equivalent of about 13 cents, no excuses for bad looking shoes here.
2.  Saltena's!  These are little pastry turnovers who's shells seem to be made out of some type of gourd paste or pumpkin with either chicken, beef or vegetable's inside.  They're deep fried, so the chances of getting sick are minimal and they are also available about every three feet for 13 cents.  Nice when you are out wandering and get a little snacky.

3.  Blue skies.  Everyday I'm amazed at the color and clarity of the sky.  It's beautiful.
Everything here is built on a hill, it's either walking up or down.  How can there be nothing flat?

4.  Walking slow.  I'm so used to walking fast, but here it's not only a necessity to walk slow (due to the lack of oxygen, for anyone who just tuned in), but actually quite interesting to see and hear all the sights and sounds of La Paz.

Just a short list of a few things I can think of right now.  This weekend we are planning a trip to Cochabamba, the second largest city in Bolivia.  It's a 35 minute plane ride (and get this, we're flying first class - figured we might as well, as it's about the only first class flight we can afford).  A couple of the guys are going with us, as they have girlyfriends there.

I went to the black market to shop on Wednesday, that was a very overwhelming experience.  I have been to many black markets before, but never at a 60 degree incline.  Best to start at the top of the hill!  You could buy ANYTHING here, from toilet bowls and urinals to Frosted Flakes to laptop computers.  All the prices are in American dollars, and they don't really bargain.  Most of the goods are shipped in illegally from Chile, and seemed quite reasonable.  This market just goes on and on and on, though.  I think I only covered about half of it before giving up and going home.  Not exactly the best place for souvenirs, but I did find a few things I just "couldn't live without".

Shopping companion Gary.  If you know him, I know some people looking for him.

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