Monday, March 12, 2007

Had to pass this story along, as it was too funny to keep to ourselves. On the first floor next door to our house is a Greek/Chinese restaurant that never appears to be open. However, due to the inclimate weather, my failing health, and our laziness on Saturday to provide provisions for dinner (the Carrefour IS closed on Sunday), we ventured over for some Chinese food last night.

Had a decent meal of Hot and Sour Soup, some Fried Rice, and Beef with Fresh Vegetables (the place is owned by some Vietnamese people, no Greeks or Chinamen to be seen). Had two beers, and just before leaving, I knocked my beer glass over (empty) onto the table (glass topped), and it BROKE. Now, I have a tendancy to be somewhat clumsy at times, so this isn't the first time Fantastic Man has witnessed such a feat, but he's always embarrassed (as I am, too). But, we made our apologies, were assured it meant good luck for us, etc., and proceeded to get the heck out of there.

So, FM stands up to put his coat on, and in that grand sweeping gesture of swinging it around to his other arm, knocks a wine glass off the next table onto the floor, shattering it.

Now we are both laughing profusely, while trying to apologize AGAIN to the owner. I don't think we'll be back soon. Or, they probably will only let us have one beer apiece, instead of the mighty two we had.


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