Thursday, December 13, 2007

Trying to do three things at once

I honestly didn't know they were advertising a Progresso Soup diet sometime in the last 14 months. I've been away, remember?

Yes, I've heard of the Special K diet and the Subway diet. But not the Progresso Soup diet.

Although, I've always used Progresso Soup as a diet food. It's the only canned soup I will buy. And, if you add a little salsa to the Southwestern Chicken or the Lentil, it's actually pretty palatable.

So, FM and I are trying to quit smoking. Over the holidays. And I'm trying to lose weight. And not eat like a total hog. Quitting smoking and losing weight OVER the holidays do not usually go hand in hand.
But what the hell. I'm giving it a go.

And Progresso Soup is a part of it. I don't eat breakfast as a rule, so around 11 AM I have a half can of soup (flavor of my choice!) and sometimes a piece of toast or some tortilla chips. Then, later in the afternoon I may eat the other half of can. Then I eat a sensible dinner followed by 10-12 beers.

And in between half cans of soup I'm continually shoving chocolate into my mouth, sometimes so fast I gave myself a sore jaw.

Also keeping the exercise level to an absolute low.

But I ain't smoking!

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