Sunday, January 13, 2008

Unrequited Lesbian Love

Friday night I went out with a couple of hotty girlfriends of mine. We decided to go down to FM and I's nephew's bar, Remedy.

This bar has had several names over the past years - Magoo's, The Brickhouse, and now Remedy. It has always had a reputation of being just a bit of a meat market.

FM & I have been down there a few times since we've been home, including New Year's, and haven't really noticed it being too meat market-y, so I thought it would be relatively safe for my married girl, my girl in a long term relationship, and myself. Now mind you, a little attention ain't bad, but I just didn't want it to get out of hand.

Well, it did.

Not in your traditional way, however.

We had a few drinks, then decided to play Wii bowling (they have an AWESOME setup there, plenty of room and projected on a large cement wall).

A couple dudes sniffed around, watching us play. They were playing pool with a blond chick just across the room from us. We offered to let them play the next game.

After a few minutes, the blond chick wandered over and introduced her bad self to me. Her name was Dana.

And she was a FLAMING lesbian, if there is such a thing.

She was 22, and used every line in the book on me for about forty-five minutes. It got to the point I had to be rude. She was actually even touching on me. Now I don't have anything against lesbians personally, and if it had been a guy I would have been just as rude, I swear, especially when the touching started.

By the time she figured out I wasn't interested (I thought telling her I was married would be enough, but OH NO), she decided to move on to my other friend.

And used the exact same verbatim lines on her.

We had to laugh.

I decided if I ever decided to have a lesbian encounter, I'd be the aggressor, now that I know what to say. . .

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boy howdy said...

Hey, I posted on the previous entry, sorry......short version, I loved the chicken on a stick!! Did you try the fried bananas? They were another great street food, at least up north.