Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yep. We are in Peru. I can tell because HERE IS AN ALPACA!  I missed these guys, they're so cute. Not as cute as a vicuna, but cute enough to take massive amounts of pictures of and say, "AWWWWW!"

Other things that have happened since arriving:
  • Stuck in the suburbs for the first week, venturing out only at night when accompanied by my bodyguards
  • Read too much information about the dangers and pitfalls of Lima, left me feeling too chicken shit to take camera out of bag
  • Moved to apartment in Miraflores, very safe area of town, now feel comfortable walking around to some areas
  • Arranged for private driver for FM to take him to work and back, so he doesn't have to talk to taxi cab drivers
  • Managed to make my BRAND NEW TENNIS SHOES stink already
  • Got a SIM card for my phone
  • Argued with Comcast cable about my bill for ONE HOUR
  • Drank some beer
  • Drank some wine
  • Ate octopus salad (acceptable, think it was better in Croatia, however spotty readers to this blog would NEVER know I was in Croatia. In February.)
and, oh yea.
  • Found out as of June 30, FM doesn't have a job anymore with his current employer.
Must find new job in order to continue Flatbacking lifestyle. Sigh.
Also visited some ancient Lima Culture ruins near my house, which can be viewed at http://www.aroundtheworldin80beers.net/id47.html if you are interested. Or not.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!!! How let's get with it.....I need to hear more, so get one of your classic ramble going! Danger, what danger? Why?? Economic issues there? No job!! Oh my, maybe you'll have to put your amazing computer skills to work....no? Anyway, nice to see you posting again!

Boy Howdy.............