Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let's Take a Walk!

Sometimes, I get bored and decide to do strange things. Today I thought I'd take a stroll up to the part of town where FM is working. Not that far, not that complicated of a route. Why not? I made it to CoCo beach yesterday without any hassle, this should be just as interesting.
The beautiful but desolate and somewhat dangerous CoCo Beach
Let's take a stroll down Kimweri Avenue, shall we? Why not? It's only 90 degrees and humid. Walking along with exhaust fumes and all the other fragrant city smells for a couple hours should be pleasant. . . right? 

In order to get the full experience, please follow the helpful hints interspersed throughout the photos!
Tree of trunks

Schools out!
First, turn your heat up to 80, wrap yourself in a wet electric blanket and move your propane grill inside and ignite.

That laundry will dry in no time, but probably not smell too fresh

I think coconut boy was on his mobile phone
Next, attach a hose to your car's exhaust and run that inside.

Cart, apples, shack and SUV. Check.

Just another chick out for a stroll. . . 
 Now, take a pee on your grill.
These are the omnipresent bajaji's. We're not supposed to ride in them. You know I will anyway.
Mix that with some good, fertile earth.
Cookware and grills for sale

This is a pretty kickass truck
Invite over some friends to yell random greetings at you in Swahili and English. 
Oh look! The Post Office!

Working at the car wash. . . whoa whoa
Find some hamburger that may have turned bad and set that around the house.
Good as any place to store those extra tires at the bike shop
 Pass some gas.
I did find some traffic

Now you're going to want to simulate cars backfiring somehow. . .
Waiting on the bus

Cute cart. Cute wall. 
If you're not sweating yet, move to the bathroom and turn the shower on hot and high. After putting on a wool sweater and your long johns.
Slow day at the furniture mart

Saw this several times. The pieces are water bottle/pop bottle tops.
 Pass some gas again. . .
Only saw THIS once. Had to BEG to take the picture, too.

I wonder if they bring this out here everyday.
Scatter some black plastic bags around, empty water bottles, cigarette butts and some blown-out flip flops. 
A most popular snack in Dar Es Salaam
Just kidding. Sorda. It was, of course, an interesting walk. Not one that needs to be repeated, however. Now to burn the clothes I wore, take a shower and remind myself to stay by the beautiful azure pool for the next day or two. . . 


Bill H. said...

great pictures, always good to see beyound the gates of the hotel.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pics and commentary.

Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans said...

Aah...I keep coming back to this post for Zanzibar inspiration. I can't wait to go. Kind of bummed that my hubs may not be able to make the trip though - work always seems to get in the way!

Rachelle Stout said...

You're going to have 5x more fun than we did! Too bad about the hubby. Funny thing, we went there FOR my hub's work. LOL