Tuesday, June 5, 2007

How I Concussed Myself, Or Was Abducted by Aliens. . .

A boring weekend with Fantastic Man working WAY too much. Put in 16 hours on Friday, 11 on Saturday and 8 on Sunday. I was going through major FM withdrawal. Should be the same as during the week, but I didn't get my FM-facetime. Missed him. . .

Sunday night was relatively calm, went out and had a bite to eat, came back and watched a movie (?what movie. . . hmmmm. . . oh yea, Hollywoodland, about George Reeves, the orginal Superman's murder/suicide. How strange his last name was Reeves, never made that connection with MY superman, Christopher). A normal Sunday evening.

Except I woke up Monday groggy, dizzy, light headed and with a headache (and no, this is not normal, despite my lifestyle). I wandered around feeling odd for a while, then went back to bed. . . until 11 AM! Got back up, was on the computer, and rested my left side of my head in my hand, and OUCH! Sent shooting pains all through my head and body. Upon further investigation, found my head to be all swollen, right above my ear. Took some aspirin and laid around for a little while longer.

What the HECK? Did I bang my head on something in the night? Did FM kick me in the head (I probably deserve it sometimes)? Did aliens come down from space and put a brain probe in, providing themselves with liquor soaked brain matter to dissect? It is a mystery.

I still have an egg sized lump just behind and above my ear.

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