Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Sundae Sunday, Drugs, and a Discourse on TP

Those of you who know Fantastic Man know that he doesn't eat sweets very often. In fact, he sometimes almost tips his nose down in disdain at those of us who absolutely need chocolate in order to survive. So, it was quite surprising on Sunday when we went over to Thissio to have a late lunch and enjoy the sunshine, and FM ordered a chocolate mocha sundae for lunch and a large vanilla shake to wash it down with. WTH? I, of course, gained 3 pounds just watching him eat it. I'm sure he considered it a "light lunch", as it really is a liquid, right? Dang. I hate him and his metabolism.

Finally got off my duff and made dinner last night, including a salad despite my "brush with death" the last time I made one. Dined al fresco on the patio, was lovely. Okay, enough cooking for a week. . . heehee.

So surprised at the disparity of drug prices here. Most things aren't cheap, but those drugs that border perscription/non-perscription are inexpensive. For example, my high blood pressure pills are $10/month at home. Here, they are 4 Euro. At home my inhaler costs $25 stinking dollars. Here, 4 Euro. Why do we pay so much at home for drugs that are generic, have paid for their patent by a million times, and we usually need to go to the doctor to get a perscription for? So troubling. . . Can't buy any valium or anything "fun" though. . . Sigh.

Okay, there's this guy here named Fred (name changed to protect identity) who FM works with. His family recently has come to visit. This conversation took place at work, so I have to rely on FM's memory, which can be a little sketchy, but anyways. . .

FM: So, how's the family visit going?
Fred: Man, I can't believe how much toilet paper they use.
FM: What do you mean?
Fred: Well, when I got here (NOTE: that would be in FEBRUARY) I went down and bought two rolls of toilet paper and carried them to the house. And last week, I had to go buy two more!
FM: Two ROLLS? Or two packages?
Fred: Two rolls.
FM: For four months? Two rolls?
Fred: Yea, and now I'm probably going to have to get two more. I don't know what they are doing with it!

I think I have an idea what they are doing with it. My question is, what is Fred doing WITHOUT it?

Two rolls, four months. Not an equation I'm familiar with. Then again, maybe I'm just a "waste-full" person

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