Friday, June 21, 2013

Size Matters

For the most part, if offered a choice between "big" or "small", I'm going to pick big. I'm greedy like that.

Of course, there is always an exception or two.
But, after thirteen years of traveling, mostly through capital cities, it has become apparent I prefer smaller cities to larger ones. 

I would never trade my eight months in Tokyo, seven months in Beijing, four months in Seoul, or even the the six months we lived in Bogota. Wonderful experiences all. 

However, I much prefer my memories of Rome, Vienna, Phnom Penh, Paris, Kiev, Munich (not a capital, I KNOW), Prague or Montevideo. 

I like walkable, navigable towns. Cities I can really get a feel for, instead of constantly riding around in an underground train from location to location. 

Cities you can "escape" in less than 30 minutes on public transport. 

Cities where each corner becomes a memory, indelibly etched into your soul. 

Largo Argentina, Rome
Even after seven months in Beijing, I can only speak with some authority on small areas of the city. Tokyo as well. Half the time I didn't even know WHERE I was in Tokyo. Although that might have had something to do with the alcohol.

And then there are the really small capitals. Tel Aviv, Nicosia, Skopje, La Paz. Too small almost for city run public transport systems, which really leads to a lot of nosing around. 

But again with the exceptions, though, as I adore Hong Kong and London. 

What makes a city livable to you? Size? Weather? Attractions? 

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bill H. said...

We have shared a few of these cities with Rachelle and Mike and they certainly do a lot of exploring, looking for special places to eat and sometimes, Drink, always a great experience.

Dad & Mom