Friday, October 4, 2013

Don't Cry for Me. . .

Yes. For the past three days I've had the theme from "Evita" stuck in my head. I sing it. I whistle it. It's there. Hopefully that will pass. Soon. 

Other than that, just getting our feet on the ground and our bearings in this very large city. And, of course, taking lots of pictures. We are hanging at the Sofitel Retiro until tomorrow when we move to our lovely and spacious hotel in Palermo. Looking forward to getting settled into our new apartment and neighborhood.

During our long weekend here a couple years ago, we never made it to this part of town (or several others, of course), so have seen a few new things.

Avenue Libertador, looking toward Torres de Catalina Norte

Kavanaugh Building, designed to look like the prow of a ship, overlooking San Martin Plaza

Tower of the English, across from San Martin Square and the main train station

The train station!

Dog park inside San Martin Park. For 100 Peso you can leave your dog here for a WEEK. That's about $17.

The reason why I'm here. Sorda. LOL

Perhaps the most iconic of Buenos Aires monuments, The Obelisco. Built in 1936 to celebrate the 400th year of the first foundation of the city

The economy here has really taken a huge dive in the last couple years. This is a homeless encampment near the National Congress. Fitting, I'm sure.

Plaza Congreso

Love this sculpture. . . 

National Congress

Dogs seem abundant and popular. The profession of dog walking is huge. You see them all over town with a bunch of bowwows on leashes.


Not sure what this building is, but love the combo of new and old

Meat around the fire in the window of Las Nazarenas, a popular restaurant for traditional food

Square near the Cemetery of Recoleta (neighborhood)

The entire cemetery is walled off, but you can see some of the grave monuments above the wall.

This is peeking inside. I didn't go on the tour today, but I can only assume some VERY important people are "buried" in here. Each of those little buildings is a grave!

Taking a break in the park at Plaza Lopez. A beautiful day today!

Interesting buildings and awesome palms in the Square

This town is FILLED with HUGE Rubber Trees. The root systems are enormous and gorgeous

Sacred Heart Church in Recoleta. A very picturesque area of town.
Getting lots of opportunity to practice my Spanish, so far so good. Have managed to secure SIM cards for our phones and know what we have to do in order to get transportation cards. Haven't been on the subway (Subte) yet, mostly just hoofing around.

Also, haven't had a "true" Argentinian dinner, either. Which basically involves eating sometime after 9 and includes lots of beef and wine. Going to try and fix that tonight. FM's boss is taking us all out to dinner!

Hasta Luego!


Pam said...

What meat was around the fire? Weather looks like it, or spring?

Rachelle Stout said...

I'm not sure. It was too small to be a full grown cow, so maybe veal or pork? Definitely spring moving to summer here. Warmer every day!