Tuesday, October 8, 2013

We Moved On Up. . . To the West Side. . . (I think, I'm still directionally challenged)

Today was the day I fell in love (at least a little) with Buenos Aires. I haven't been in hate, just a bit of ambivalence. It's definitely interesting, it's lovely, it has it's shabby chic charm, but up till today,  I was a bit blah. 

It's spring. 

The air is fresh, the breezes are cool, the ground is warming up and smelling of dirt, the trees are starting to bloom, the hemlines are rising . . .  The tree-lined streets of Palermo Hollywood, our new neighborhood, offer a variety of architecture, eateries and drinking holes. 

I did a little park tour, bought some ground coffee for the house (at Starbucks, ARGH, no choice), found a cute sweater. . . just strolled around like an average Porteno (that should have a tilde above the n but I'm too lazy to figure out how to do that on Blogger, and it means a person from Buenos Aires).

Digging the old school signage. Parilla means grill, so these are places for MEAT, BABY! You know, ARGENTINIAN BEEF!?!?! Nom Nom Nom
Very strange flowers on a very big tree. . . .

Plaza Italia

Entrance to the Zoo. Didn't go today. Waiting for Mommy and Daddy to take me. They arrive 11/1!

Looking down Libertador Street. Such a gorgeous day!

More blooming. Park in front of US Embassy.

Monument of the Spanish. . . 


3rd of February Park. . . 

Heron posing for a pic

Digging the architecture

Remind you of anything, Grand Rapidians??? Can you say Art Prize. There's nothing new under the sun, apparently!

Even the graffiti is cool
See? LOL

More quaintness. . . .

The Argentinians dig their dogs. They hire people to walk them. Not unusual to see someone with 10-15 dogs on a leash meandering down the road.

Our street.

How does the elevator know FM lives here???

View from our balcony


Bill said...

I'm impressed!! Looks like a beautiful neighborhood. I will take you to the zoo in a couple of weeks.

Rachelle Stout said...

It's a date, Daddy-O!

Kelster Lamma said...

Those, "Very strange flowers" are these: http://www.anbg.gov.au/callistemon/
Australian native bottle brush flowers. Lucky you! The "More blooming,' are these: http://www.gettyimages.com/creative/flame-tree-stock-photos
Flame trees. Again, lucky you! Wish I were there! Am quite, quite jealous. x