Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Brief Run Through the Plaza De Mayo

Did you know Buenos Aires is the number one visited city in South America? Even above Rio de Janeiro? I didn't, but Wiki told me so. It's not hard to figure out why, what with the beautiful European architecture, the parks, the museums, the wine, the beef and being the starting point for trips such as Iguazu Falls and Patagonia.

Yesterday, I continued my exploration of Buenos Aires by venturing down to Plaza de Mayo. FM and I were there a couple years ago when we briefly hopped over to BA from Montevideo, Uruguay. But it was a cold, wet, blustery day.

Yesterday was much nicer. Temperatures are already peeking into the 80's. It's going to get warm around here. . . 

At the beginning of Diagnol Norte, facing the Tribunale. This street will lead us directly into the heart of  Plaza de Mayo

Just need to jump across the Avenue of the 9th of July, the largest boulevard in Buenos Aires. And look! There's the Obelisco!
The Cabildo - basically City Hall
Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires
Looking up the Plaza from the River side, the statue in the middle is the Piramide de Mayo

Casa Rosada - Mansion and offices of the President. Can you imagine how close you can get to the front gates?
Bank of the Argentine Nation. Pretty impressive.
And this is the Secretary of Intelligence, note the antenna. SPOOKy. LOL

Looking toward Puerto Madero, that landscape has changed dramatically

Secretary of Defense Building
And then I took the bus home. The right bus. First try. Amazing!
We've been pretty guilty of hanging around the house at night, which is COMPLETELY unlike us. I bought a post-season package from so we can watch all the Tigers games (AND NO COMMERCIALS - how odd) on the computer. WIth the games starting at 9 pm and our fave bar clear on the other side of town, it's a bit hard to get FM into bed before 1 AM.  So, I've been cooking and we've been cheering (and drinking lots of wine). 

Will have to cheer harder and louder tonight. 


Bill said...

Looks like a nice hike. Can't wait to give it a try. Glad you have the busses figured out, just in case I can't walk back.32

Rachelle Stout said...

Can't say I have the busses figured OUT! But I did get on one that got me close. . . LOL