Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Throw Like a Girl

Mike heard a rumor that the Goose and Duck Pub had Olympic tickets available. He's still operating under the de-lusion we will be able to buy reasonably priced tickets for events he actually wants to see.

When I found out we would be here through the Olympics, I scoured the resources available (well, the internet) trying to find some tickets.

To no avail.

But, I humored him, and went over to the G&P to investigate. We were given a phone number to call for an organization called Golden Tickets who will have some limited availability tickets for sale "some time next week".

So, we had dinner and played some darts.

We've been to the G&P many times. Too many times, if you ask me. But, it was surprisingly unbusy last night, and Jessie the manager was extremely welcoming (as usual, I think he's 50% responsible for the popularity of this venue. . . it SURE ain't the food!).

They have a baseball pitching cage. After a *few* beers, I decided to check the speed of my infamous fastball (I don't really have a fastball, in fact I haven't thrown a baseball in somewhere around twenty years).

First attempt? 37 mph. That is SLOOOOOOOW.

I finally peaked at 52 mph. I felt a bit like a girl.

Until Mike peaked at 51 mph.

And, this morning? My shoulder and back feel like I'm 108.

Which would have been a very impressive speed.

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