Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Funky Kind of Urine

I don't know what the deal-io with FM and I's pee is lately, but it STINKS! In a really, really horrific way. Think asparagus pee (if you are one of the people who get funky pee from eating asparagus), then multiply by 438 to the 26th degree. If it was just me, I would be anally searching the archives of WebMD for an explanation. But I doubt we are BOTH dying of the same, unexplained "our-pee-pee-smells-really-bad" disease. Right? RIGHT????

Man, it stinks though. I've have seriously had BM's which smelled better. Is it the food? The beer? The air? The combination of our urine mixing with water that seems to have a high mineral content? Whew.

Will be interesting to see if this changes once we leave. I hope so . . . I certainly, certainly do.

I would be embarrassed as hell to have to give a urine sample. I can see me putting the little container in the cupboard and then, five minutes later whilst I'm back in the examination room, hearing someone someplace in the doc's office going, "DAAAAAAMN!".

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