Sunday, July 8, 2007

Wasted Away Again in Sunny Mati and Protesting (some) of the New 7 Wonders


It's so hot here in Athens. . . How hot is it? It's so hot even the Stoics are complaining! (Groan)

So, we ditched again for the weekend. Back to Mati for sun, surf, and suds (no sand, sigh).

Ah, Aegean Sea, you are my friend. But, as a spoiled, Paris Hilton like brat, I think beach should be synonymous with sand. And I have yet to see any sand at Attica beaches. Oh, there's sand out there, you just need to get over about 20 yards of rocky outcroppings to get to it. In my mind, the word beach is synonymous with great swathes of sand leading up to crystal clear blue water. Not rock or gravel.

But, the water was beautifully clear, warm, and as snuggly as a mother's womb.

Next weekend, Andros Island. Known for it's SANDY BEACHES. We'll see.

FYI - Never set your watch to the Athenian bus schedule. We waited an hour for a bus that never came. Then walked a mile uphill in direct sun to another bus stop, where we waited another hour for our 40 minute trip back to Athens. ARGHHH!

But, when Greece gets you down, remember, at least the food is good!

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