Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Things Overheard by Others

Since I left home last November for the Hong Kong/Athens odyssey there's a little more of me to love. . .

Yes, 9 months away from home drinking beer that's 5% instead of 3.5% and eating out almost everyday equals a few more inches and a few more pounds. I know it, my clothes know it, and even FM knows it, although he's loathe to admit it.

Part of the problem here in Greece (like in America) is the huge portions of food they feed you every where you go. And although FM and I split a lot of entrees and salads and such, I have a habit of ordering too much food. Not because I'm in insatiable pig (well, maybe a little), but I want to try everything while still revisiting my favorite things. . . which leads to over-ordering. And, over-eating.

The last time this happened, about a month ago, we were so embarrassed by the amount of food we had left over. I told FM the next time I wanted to order "one extra thing", he was to say to me, "Shut up, you fat bitch".

Now, normally I would never let him talk like this to me. But being I insisted, he's used this line a few times when I whined for something else at dinner. And, because he is generally a fairly soft-spoken person, says it with a smile on his face, and I forget a lot of people speak English here, I haven't really noticed anybody else's response.

Until last night. When I wanted to order a salad PLUS our entree (basically, I just wanted the salad). And FM lovingly looked me in the eye and said, "Shut up, you fat bitch,". And the guy at the next table almost fell out of his chair. . .

Always glad to entertain the locals.

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Kenya said...

Now you know that I can laugh at this! You HOWG! LOL