Thursday, July 5, 2007

Unwinding in Nea Makri

Sometimes, Fantastic Man just gets tired out. He likes to reeeeeeeeeesssssssssst. Which, for FM, means five naps in one day and general slothfulness, usually on the couch.

So, instead of letting his basic animal behavior set in on his day off during the week (4th of July), I decided we were going up the coast to relax. . . on the beach. . . with a pool. Merely sitting around the apartment in Athens is something I have become very good at, and DAMN IT, I need a change of scenery!

On the way to the bustop at the bottom of our street:

Me: Aren't you glad we're going away overnight? Won't this be fun? Huh? HUH? HUH?
FM: I could be laying on the couch right now.


On the bus, where the driver refused to open the luggage compartment, thus making Mike drag our oversized backpack onto the bus with him.

Me: Do you want me to put the bag back here, honey?
FM: Oh no, I'm FINE.


The website of the hotel provided a map, and it looked like we were going to be right near where our friends live. However, during the bus ride, our friends called us and said, "Your hotel is actually in Mati, not where the map shows, but we don't know exactly where you need to get off, so come here and we'll drive you to the hotel". Cool. Thanks!

In the car on the way to hotel

Me: Thanks you guys for doing this, I don't know what we would have done without you!
FM: Aren't we going the wrong way?

Yes, FM, we actually rode by the hotel on the way, but we didn't KNOW, so now we have to go BACK! A whole ten minutes!

Get checked in, have a very nice room with a gorgeous view, but none of the lights or the AIR CONDITIONER (ohmynewGodairconditioningIloveyouandcannotbeartothinktolivewithoutyou) do not work. Have to change rooms:

Me: Hopefully, we will get as nice of a room!
FM: What kind of 4 star hotel is this!?!?

Move to new room. Same view, just on the second floor. Have 45 minutes before our friends are coming back to pick us up for dinner. FM and I go to bar, order large Mythos beer, sit on patio overlooking Aegean:

Me: Ah, this is the life. . .

FM: This beats the PANTS off Athens!

Finally. Happy Fantastic Man.

Still hasn't thanked me for making him go to the Acropolis on Sunday, though.

Sitting by the pool was a beautifully put together gal, probably around 35, awesome bod, string bikini, hair to her butt (albeit bleached an unbelievable shade of blond):

Me: Did you see that hottie by the pool with the blond hair?
Floozy? What a word.
Getting packed up in the hotel room to catch the bus:
Me: All set?
FM: Let's make like a baby and head out.
Me: (Double-take at FM)

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