Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Love to Eavesdrop

But, this morning, I wish I hadn't.

Due to that annoying habit FM has of going to work everyday, I must do most things by myself. Including going to breakfast.

So, this morning I go downstairs for my toast and garlic cheese spread (YES! For breakfast! It rocks!), some fruits and the all important coffee. This young, attractive couple comes in and sits down at the table next to me just as I'm tucking in to my yummies and before I start on the paper. He apparently is some bigwig with the hotel or the tourism industry as he is chatting with the assistant manager about his staff, cleanliness, etc. He's also rather irritating in his manner, and he is starting to bug me.

The staff leave them alone and he starts berating his girlfriend for acting childish in front of his friends, brown-nosing his family, exagerrating her "American" accent (for whatever purpose that would be), telling her he doesn't want to have to spend time with her family here and basically making her feel bad. She's on the verge of tears and can not get a word in edgewise. Also there seems to be some issue about a bunch of money she spent on an airline ticket (her money) and she is asking him if it was money wasted or what. And, he's really not doing this quietly, so it ain't so hard to hear their personal bidness.

The manager dude comes back over and apparently they are going to present a check to one of the employees right there in the breakfast room. She wants to leave, he says stay. She stays. A group of employees gather around their table, and one of them asks him when the two of them are getting married. He says, "We're not." Girlfriend looks at him in horror and takes off from the table and up the stairs, crying. Did this asshole just break his engagement in front of OTHER PEOPLE? I think so.

I'm feeling terrible for this girl (partly because I think this dude is a jerk, but also because HOW HUMILIATING), and spend the next 45 minutes wishing I would have followed her, seen if she needed someone to talk to, or a cup of coffee, or some ice cream, or something. Thinking she might be alone (like me) and want to talk to someone kind of anonymously.

I'm still feeling bad for her as I leave the hotel for the mall. And, here the two of them come around the corner, holding hands and laughing together. WTF?

Humans. They are So. Very. Strange.

In other news, we are going to Jerusalem on Saturday! Yea us! Yes, I took the bribe from the hotel (see previous post). But, it wasn't really a bribe as all the crew members are also invited. I think just TJ and us are going, though.

Last night we went to a pub that we have been walking past all week. Turns out, it's owned by a bunch of Russians and usually has a mostly Russian clientele. We were the only ones in there from 8 PM until 11PM. and took full advantage of the FREE POOL (table).

(Around 9:30ish)

ME: Hey, where are all your comrades?

DREW (to FM): Dude! Your wife is going to get our asses beat! And, your's twice!

BARTENDER: It's too early for Russians to drink.

ME: Ah. We're so we're like FREE MONEY!

General laughter (somewhat nervous from Drew)

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